Dear Brother’s and Sister’s,

I would like to share with you one of the great character traits that the Prophet(SAW) had: Gentleness.

Right now we live in a time where the concept of Islamaphobia and the wrong idea of Islam is spreading like wildfire. It is up to us as Muslims to really start implementing the characteristics and moral principles instructed to us by Allah(SWT) and the Prophet(SAW). Our actions will speak louder than words, and what better actions are the ones none other than the Prophet(SAW).

The gentleness of the Prophet(SAW) just radiated from him. He was always cheerful and gentle and never wanted to cause harm.

The Prophet(SAW) smiled so often and even described it as a charity, and psychologists now a days even tell us that a smile has so many powerful an positive psychological effects. (Look it up yourself. It is truly amazing)

Here are some hadiths talking about the gentleness of the Prophet(SAW):

Abdullaah Ibn Haarith said, ‘I never came across a person who smiled as much as the Prophet(SAW). The Prophet(SAW)  regarded smiling with a brother as an act of charity. (Tirmidhi)

Aisha stated that, ‘The Prophet(SAW) never used foul language and never entertained people with obscene jokes. He was well behaved when he entered the market places. His habit was not to repel evil with mutual evil. He was forgiving and could grant pardon.'(Tirmidhi)

Husain  the grandson of the Prophet(SAW) asked his father, Ali , about the Prophet’s conduct. Ali replied, ‘He was always cheerful, gentle and mild. There was no rigidity or coarseness in his conduct. He was neither a faultfinder nor a boisterous person and he steered away from any kind of futile engagement.’ (Tabarani)

Prophet Muhammad(SAW) smiled so spontaneously that each one of the Companions, as they gathered around him during their visits to his house, thought to be the favorite Companion. Jareer Ibn Abdullah said, ‘I have not seen the Prophet, since I embraced Islam, without a smile on his face. I saw him smiling when he could not see me and he was smiling in my presence.’ (Bukahri)

Insha’Allah we all can incorporate this small thing in our lives and really show the world what Islam truly is. Insha’Allah we ask Allah(SWT) for peace, forgiveness, guidance, protection, and Junnah-al-Firdaus.