Dear Brother’s and Sister’s,

The Quran was a series of revaluations to the Prophet(sallallahu alayhi wasallam) for a period of 23 years. The Quran was not written down until after the Prophet(sallallahu alayhi wasallam) died. All the revelations given to the Prophet(sallallahu alayhi wasallam) was memorized by various people and then compiled over time.

These are the words of God, Allah(SWT), because after 1400 years we have the technology to show the mathematical miracles and blessings of the Quran through numerology, algorithms, and science.

Here are only a couple of examples:

1.)  The arabic word for day is “yawm” and it is mentioned exactly 365 times.

2.) The words “tongue” and “sermon” are both repeated 25 times.

3.) The words “trouble” and “peace” are both repeated 13 times in the Qur’an.

4.) The words “man” and “woman” are also employed equally: 23 times.

5.) The words “benefit” and “corrupt” both appear 50 times.

6.) The words “paradise” and “hell” are each repeated 77 times.

7.) The statement  “seven heavens”  and “The creation of the heavens” is repeated seven times.

Now tell me how can a person for 1400 years ago who received these messages for 23 years and did not record any of it, but people memorized them, can possibly keep track of the number of times he wrote this. To maintain a life,  while preaching, working, being married, going into battles, and to be part of life would make the possibility of this occurrence impossible. This is the work of Allah(SWT).

Besides repeated words there are many scientific things found out from the Quran.

As an example the word land is mentioned 13 times and the word sea is mentioned 32 times. Now if we take these three equations:

13+32 = 45   13/45 = .288 and 32/45=.711

We will get the actual percentage of the earth land to sea ratio. Look up the ratios. The earth is 71% sea and 28% land.

Now there are so much more mathematical miracles and blessings from the Quran, but I just did not list them. Another example is to look up how the Quran calculates the speed of light. 

It is up to you guys as the readers to see and open your minds and hearts to the beauties and miracles of the Quran.